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sadness and a deep sense of loss for the man who etched his place in american political history. edward kennedy was born in 1932. in 1962, he arrived in what would be a half century tenure, upholding the senate seat from his older brother john. >> i think the people of massachusetts for the great trust they have bestowed upon me. >> he lived to the assassinations of brothers john and bobby. in 1969, one of kennedy's campaign workers drowned in his car. >> i could not -- they could not have done anything further. >> an 1980 presidential bid
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seems more than a blip -- it seems a little more than a blip. health care, emigration, and civil-rights were among his passions. his opposition to the iraq war became one of his biggest causes. >> there will be more serious violence if we continue our presence. it is a dangerous and reckless course. >> he remarried in 1992, and his life became more serene. in his final years, he was a keeper of the kennedy flame. the last link to a historic legacy. his words never grew faint. >> the hope rises again. and the dream lives on. >> according to sources, president obama is expected to speak at senator kennedy's funeral. the senator will be laid to
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rest at arlington national cemetery. >> it has been said that senator edward kennedy has probably done more to influence american public policy than any senator in modern history. our team coverage continues with more on how the contributions are felt right here in baltimore. >> his family is in mourning. we caught up with ted kennedy's knees as she was waiting for a flight from massachusetts. -- at four massachusetts. >> today, i join the world in mourning the loss of a man that will forever be a true american hero. >> you may not know how the life's work of senator ted kennedy has touched more life. one senator who chairs the presidential bid and says his work in washington has seen --
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save milliond of women's lives. whether it was creating the office of women's health that helped bring down breast cancer rates, he always said that he governed best when we work together. that would be the great legacy. >> one doctor says that kennedy's legacy is living on and millions of american children. i ensured kids that got access to medical care because he championed programs like schip and medicaid. >> i think it is a fabulous legacy for him, and something all of us in maryland and around the country might be -- should be quite thankful for. senator ben cardin says that his
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skills were key to legislation that changed our nation for ever, including the civil rights act of 1964, the voting rights act of 1965, the americans with disabilities act, title 9, education reform, and increases in the minimum wage. >> these are legacies of senator kennedy. there are so many things we can look at in our daily lives where he had a positive influence. >> there are currently thousands of children enrolled in medicaid. reporting from the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> and tonight, nbc nightly news will be extended to a full hour.
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it begins at 6:30. an in-depth look of senator kennedy's life and the impact he had over five decades. it is a full hour of nightly news, immediately following the newscast. >> into night's -- in tonight's project economy report, more than 200 state employees will lose their jobs. john sherman joins us with more. >> this is the sixth time this year the o'malley administration has cut the budget. this is clearly among the most severe. >> we're facing the same challenge that every family and every business is facing. >> these are not good times. but from everything to fire -- and from fire and police to environmental enforcement.
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>> there is nothing easy about this. the services that the state provides are the services to the most vulnerable, and they're the basic infrastructure of the state. the roads, libraries, schools, universities, social services, health services. we did not do a lot of frills. >> you give us fair warning that this round of cuts would be exceptionally painful. having reviewed the proposal in detail, i am inclined to agree. the list of reductions before us today will affect the lives of virtually every marylander. >> $59,000 was saved by delaying uniforms. $61,000 was saved by reducing barbershop inspections. a 75% cut in state cancer research. >> the bottom line is, like the
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hardworking families, our state government faces the task and imperative to protect our core priorities, make progress, and to do so even though there are fewer dollars with which to protect those priorities. >> local government will feel it too. the city loses 35 million, the county loses 23 million. >> we're looking at a number of areas of furloughs. there will be layoffs. potential changes in services. we will be taking the information and digesting it, coming up with a plan. >> in the not so silver lining in all of this, more cuts in the near future appear for the most part, unavoidable. >> there are new details about the 51-year-old man found
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murdered inside of its parent's home. it sheds new light on the dark side of the victim's life. so we're joined live with more on the story. >> as we reported, scott greenberg was convicted of molesting a young boy in the early 1990's. he became the target of a child pornography investigation years later. investigators have not drawn any links, but it provides a troubling trail as police look for clues. the murder of scott rainbird on saturday seemed especially personal. he was shot as many as six times in the head. his body was discovered inside his parent's home. there was no forced entry or robbery, suggesting he was targeted by somebody he knew or was expecting. the police investigation has focused on at his background that was marred by allegations of bizarre, perverse behavior.
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he was convicted of molesting a 9-year-old boy in 1991. despite the conviction, green bird went back to work at the camp. in 2005, he it drew the attention of -- he drew the attention of authorities meet for a child pornography ring. he said in 1 e-mail, i love young boys, plain and simple. he said he would love the star along with the boys and one of the films. the the ad was placed by an undercover agent. no pictures were ever sent. greenberg was not charged. he maintains several online profiles and sought to connect with of -- and others.
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-- to connect with others. he wanted to take erotic pictures of him to use an on- line dating service. his last posting was august 21, a day before his murder. in 2005, federal investigation included agents searching his home and taking his computers and other documents. as for the murder investigation, police have named any suspects -- and have not named any suspects. >> be sure to stay with us. >> their big promises about saving your house, but they steal your money. the details on loan modifications gams. >> there is a subtraction and in addition. a little later, in sports. dodge and tropical storm danny might have an effect on our weather. the forecast, straight ahead.
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>> tonight, officials are warning residents to be where of loan modification scams. >> tough times usually get worse for the victim. we're live tonight with details. >> they take your money and make big promises. in this state, you should never pay someone to help you get a loan modification. mrs. jones was working at a dealership when the economy took a downturn and she went to refinance a mortgage. her bank said no. she got a phone call out of the blue. >> i got a call from u.s. and litigators. they said that they got my information from hud, obviously a reputable organization. i listened to what they had to say. the told me what their fee was. $1,700.
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>> she researched them and decided to go with them. >> i decided to go with them and told them everything about my story. >> while the company was working it out, her house went into foreclosure. >> they told me not to pay my mortgage. it said it showed that i could afford the mortgage and they would be leery 23 modify my lawn. she contact -- >> she contacted the congressman's office, and to the foreclosure was stopped. >> there are some people who take advantage of folks when they're going to the most difficult circumstances in their life. >> remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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>> do not pay upfront fees. it is illegal to charge the consumer an up-front fee to help them get a loan modification. you need to be licensed. >> you can get free help by calling 18774627555. congressman cummings is having a workshop at woodlawn high school from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.. this information can also be found on a >> and now, your weather forecast. >> hot and humid summer weather across the mid-atlantic. there is a cold front moving toward us. it looks like the winds will shift to the north. we did hit 90 degrees today in
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downtown baltimore. the record high it was a scorching hot 101. it is still 90 in middle river. 91 in frederick and hagerstown. a little cooler up in the mountains. the cool sea breeze not developing this afternoon. the partly cloudy skies developing across the region tonight. we are maintaining conditions, 75 with sunset at 7:46 this evening. this area of high pressure will allow for another front to slide through that could bring a little bit of the heat released. our temperatures will come down a little bit. the front is going to stall. once it slides through, the thunderstorms may be in our vicinity.
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the front only produces a couple of isolated showers. but it does trigger more storms in the mountains. that is the outer edge of tropical storm danny starting to have an impact on our region as we had in the friday night and saturday morning. it will be on the far western french if it holds to this forecast track. the serve will be rough. if it can stay that far off shore, it will mess a direct hit. the drier the weather gets, the impact of the storm may have been drying effect on far western maryland. we will have to watch that very closely. partly cloudy skies for tomorrow. isolated thunderstorms with northeast winds that keep it a little bit cooler. no report from the baltimore weather center, the 83 degree water temperature.
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a couple of isolated thunderstorms with clout son mixture there. -- cloud/sun mixture there. the serve will get rough as the impact of danny becomes more certain going into friday and saturday. the storm is not very well organized right now. they're not finding much of a compact center storm. it is just strong enough to give it a name. it is forecasted to gain strength as it moves toward the south atlantic coast and makes its turn to the north, becomes a category one hurricane. it will be close enough to throw some went on to the beach and make the surf rough. look at the western edge. it is possible less storm will move a little farther west. it looks like it will have a larger impact on cape cod and that area of southern new
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england. certainly something we have to watch for the next few days. a slight risk of storm tomorrow, saturday -- 79. a bit of a fall preview for the early part of september next week. >> and now, a 11 sports. >> to improve their offense, they have to improve their passing game. they have good and bad news as they prepare for the preseason game saturday. smith will probably next -- miss the next games. a serious hamstring injury has his role pivotal for the ravens passing. veteran wide receiver derrick mason knows that the development of young players like harper will go a long way in
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determining the course of this season. >> i just want the team to go up there and have fun, push the man i the guy next to you. make sure their work extra hard to get it right. that is how i approach each and every year. eventually, it is a hard decision to make. >> the jets got popped off saying that ryan served as the defacto head coach of the reagans last year. how's that for a bold statement? that is barred being part. -- bart being bart. >> we do not have any rear view mirror. >> dismissed.
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ryan does get to make big decisions in new york. he made history for the jets. sanchez is the fifth pick overall. they will be against the ravens on monday night. the jets will follow the ravens model from a year ago by using a rookie quarterback surrounded by great rushing attack to limit his passing for obvious reasons. the decision put sanchez in white hot spotlights and sonority before now, including a joe namath has ever started the season as quarterback for the new york jets. coming up, we have a look at the seven-day forecast.
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>> we continue to honor the life
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and legacy of the massachusetts senator ted kennedy. >> the closing doors, the hope still lives, and the dream shall never die. >> tonight at 11:00, maryland lawmakers will have much more about the impact of senator kennedy posing nearly 50-year impact. and the man accused of 17 robberies are now in police custody. custody. those sto hundreds on car insurance.
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>> danny boy turning up? don't make me sing. >> it could be more interesting. we could call it danny by dg -- bonnaducci. if he is going to have an impact on our weather on late friday night or saturday morning, it is moving off the mid-atlantic coast. it keeps it a few hundred miles east of ocean city. it is a tricky call. you will have to watch very closely. it looks like showers and storms will pick up as the front moves through tomorrow. hit and miss storms friday and saturday, a typical summer weather with highs around 84. as we hit the end of august and go into september, a bit of a fall preview with sunny skies around 75 on tuesday. >> nbc nightly news with brian williams coming up next with
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more on the death of ted kennedy. >> have a good evening.
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